A communication system between companies for facilitating requests based on various types of product.



Companies that cooperate with each other to provide better products and services.



A large number of companies continues to grow.

The SIPROMAX Project

SIPROMAX is a useful and fast approach to facilitate contacts between engineering and the construction equipment manufacture companies in the order to develop and promote join-forces among them.

For each company, posted on the website you can have all the personal details, the person to contact, but also a most significant provision of equipment, which characterize the production capacity and the description of the products and services of the company.

Sipromax facilitate the match between supply and demand in order to promote the best co-operation with companies.

The research can be made for product-service, for equipment, for type of enterprise and also can be evaluate the inclination of the company to operate on the network. The system also can generate the sending offers to individual companies in order to receive quotes and proposals.

The companies have the possibility to edit directly the descriptions of their profile and photo gallery updating their proposals.

With this new network SIPROMAX, Pt/Po/Fi–CNA together want to support engineering and the construction equipment manufacture companies on the market and to give them new opportunities to upgrade their business.